In which Carrie gets excited about packing for her trip to Nerfighteria…


I’m so excited.

I’m such a nerd!

I’m so excited!


Shhhhhhh….don’t tell anyone, I’m lying and deceiving and pretending that I’m not actually as thrilled as I am.  This is the art of pretending.  Dot dot dot.  I am not what you think I am.  See, my look is of indifference. My animated frame says it’s any old day… in the shade!  I’m cool.   I’m cool.


But, to be truthfully-honest, I’ve gone far greater lengths than you can imagine in packing.  Packing!  The traveler’s language!  What should I bring?  Those who fly by the seat of their literary asses to travel, FBTSOTLATT, for “research.”   No, I’m not one of those, per se.  I am not any of those that you can imagine.  I am…UNDERCOVER.


[Aside: Probably I haven’t given this much thought to “outfits” (ssshhhhh) since my three week trip to Bhutan and Thailand.  Then I was limited to a certain baggage weight (which I was totally, like, twenty pounds under…I’m THAT good), but this time I have my two heartthrobs, Hank and John Green (a.k.a. The Vlogbrothers) on tour in Portland and I can’t decide: jeans or corduroy?  Well…indecision is the gold of the artist*…]


But I have packed many things; I’m still mentally packing as if I might starve in the desert like Edward Abby if I’m uncareful…still deciding: two or three books?  I have three pair of underwear: “the lichen,” “the tiger,” and white; I DO have that reputation of packing more books than underwear. (Aside:  My shampoo in a re-used planeridesized Absolut Vodka bottle.  It looks cooooooolllll.)

Aaaaahoooooooh——sweeeeet!  I’m, like, young agaaaaaaain!

See, um… why this is so covert though is I have places to stay in Portland, for free, and for fun, and I feel a little guilty for NOT chickening out on a little adventure I devised for myself…the thing I really want to do…one’s gotta go OFF trail sometimes, right?… and doing my duty as friend or family member.

I’m actually choosing to spend money to have this strange freedom.  I reckon there is something novel in it too attractive to resist.  It is how my mind works….with an old meds container (label carelessly ripped off) filled with all of the pills I could possibly want on my Great Weekend Journey (GWJ): melatonin tabs (2mg), fish oil gels, Metamucil (aaarg, matey!), IB-Pro (200mg), and a couple of Altoids in case we get busted by the COPS!  Let them analyze those babies to see what kind of girl I am!  Ha!

I wanted to be closer to the site of the show… is why I chose to stay two nights at the Hawthorne International Youth Hostel; it’s right close to the Baghdad Theatre where the vlogbrothers will be astounding us, truly, me and about 10,000 teenagers.  John Green is promoting his newest novel, The Fault in Our Stars, and Hank (I like him best), his brother, is along to show support, and because everyone knows him from their Youtube videos.  Here is why I love Hank so much (me and a million adolescents).

I hope to meet some new people.  I wish forever to meet interesting people.  Please, I packed…am packing carefully…let me look into the eyes of my secret love and shake the hand of the author who introduced me to the writing philosophy… “permission to suck.”   ( i love you hank.  love carrie)


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