5. Does Popular Psychology Help or Harm?: A Case Study

In which we predict that “quiet” will become the new “cool”…

The great Scotsman (there are so many of us), David Hume said: “Character is the result of a system of stereotyped principles.”  We wonder how such a concept-packed statement (observe all of the terms which need unpacking) could influence the rest of the world.  Are the stereotypes beheld by an outside observer of the character recognized, or is character merely defined by the owner of these characteristics s/he holds. Whose stereotyped principles are at play, and how do they play on society?

Susan Cain writes a book called Quiet: The Power of Introversion in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  We haven’t read it yet, but plan to after listening to her compelling discussion on TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.  Observe:

Susan Cain on TED

(Blog still under construction.  It is more complicated than we have time for at the moment.  Thanks for returning later…)


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