A Series of (Unfortunately) Random Ramblings

In which Carrie is committed to write everyday for a month but lacks focus for one topic today…

Well, this won’t be much to write home about.  I committed to attempting to blog everyday for the month of March in the spirit of NaNoWriMo.  I’ve had lots of ideas flit through my mind like the birds out at my feeders, but none quite winning any mudwrestling contests.  So below are just some things I’ve been thinking about in the last 24 hours or so:

  • What to do with my Crimini mushrooms, my bunch-o-kale, and the rest of the Nappa cabbage.  I wish I was a really clever cook who knew how to stuff quail or make a vegetarian shepherds pie with these things.  I was really excited to see this blog about Eating Healthy on a Budget, and am inspired to try something cleverer than stirfry.
  • Speaking of eating, I worry some about feeding wildlife.  Last night I tossed a sandwhich I didn’t eat a few days ago out onto the lawn thinking the birds might want it.  Of course, it was a debate, and tossing won out after I took out the turkey and the cheese.  What was left was some hummus coated wheat bread and some lettuce.  I ate my dinner watching four or five mule deer eating my sacrificed sandwich and some of the birdseed which fell from the feeders.  Lovely sight, but we’ve got an overpopulation of these gals and not many cougars venturing this close to human habitats.  What to do…
  • And why is it that my poorest written blog keeps getting the most traffic?  Is it because everyone knows Holden Caulfield and so the interesting title captures their nostalgia?  Or is it that I talk about the vlogbrothers so much in it?
  • And speaking of John and Hank, I dreamed about them last night!  I was assisting them on some travelling science-type show and we kept taking down and putting up a tent which looked oddly like the insignia for google science fair.  Unlike this shape, though, theirs had some mechanism whereby you could finagle zero gravity and go all floaty inside the tent.  That was fun.  What else was fun was when Hank hugged me.  Actually he hugged my knees.  Not sure what that’s all about…
  • And last, I’m quite sad today because it will be my last day of working (as a volunteer) with two teachers I’m quite fond of.  Jon and Sally are losing their temporary, part-time positions at the high school and it just gets me so upset about the education catastrophe in the United Sates.  I’ve gotten quite used to our shared office in the library–where the brainiac party is at, I’m convinced—and feel grateful for getting to learn from and laugh with Jon and Sally–who are heroic and made of awesome–this brief time.

I suppose I should get going.  Commitment fulfilled.



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