Should We Help, and, if so, How?: Syria

In which we learn in four minutes about the last seventy years of Syrian conflict while wondering about power of pee…

We have reason to believe John Green has intentionally showed us several flag changes in Syria as a symbol of instability.  It has occurred to us–an imaginative thought experiment if you will–that had you been born in Syria in the Fifties, you would have seen at least five outward displays in the form of a “sign” in your native country.

Imagine we are schoolchildren (are there schools in Syria?What are they like?), and in 1958 we are in kindergarten.  By fourth grade there would have already been three different flags adorning the door frame of the classroom, and by our high school graduation, four different flags upon Haffez al Assad’s reign.

This constant flag-changing reminds us of how dogs pee on the same tree that other dogs pee on, and maybe for similar reasons.  Can we really hope that his son, Bashar, will raise the white flag anytime soon?


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