Just an Evening Grosbeak/ Early in the Morning/ Beats a Cup of Coffee/ For Starting Out Your Day

In which you are habitualized and therefore capable still of surprise…

And so you clamber down the stairs and turn left, veering left again, toward the coffee pot.  On your return journey, cup in had, you glance, as usual,  at the feeders out the window.  There is something you haven’t seen–or haven’t seen in a while–picking at the mixed-seed feeder so you put down the coffee and grab your binoculars.

The Evening Grosbeak is not a highly unusual species to be seen in central Oregon, but it caught your eye today since you don’t see them all of the time.  You might hear them more often than you see them, and to be sure, you find its dawn song and call (compliments of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Lab).

And even without taking a sip of your coffee you are scrambling through your ID book to locate this overly-yellow bird.  You comment that it has a Return of the Jedi type mask which is one of many creative visual aids at your beck-and-call to help you remember its description in case it flutters off.  Luckily he decides to stay and consume some good calories for awhile so you are at leisure to observe.


Evening Grosbeak from Project Feederwatch


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