In which we evaluate toiletpaperroll recycling…

Our entire goal for the moment is to see how long a sandwich bag will last.  We’re inspired by our friend Mary M. who has thru-hiked (yes, a philosophically-biospherically techinical term) all of the following: The AT (Appalachian Trail), the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and the CT (Continental Divide Trial).  And she wants to be a “trail angel” this year.


We get to snowshoe with her tomorrow and we are very excited.  This is a solo adventurer who works in the capacity of VOLUNTEER with regard to those who gave to her on those, um, THOUSANDS of miles trekked, solo.  As. A. Woman.

We are wondering many questions for her, (inexhaustibly here):
1. What did you use for t.p.?
2. What did you eat?
3. What did you CRAVE in those months of aloneness?
4. How did you think?
5. Who did you meet along the way?
6. Why?
7. Why do you do it?

8. Who are you now?

9. Are you writing a book?

10. What advice do you give anyone–men and women–regarding through-hiking?

(11. Bonus: What do you read?)

And, more importantly, why do you wish to plant yourself on your meager days-off at the PCT sites in central Oregon to hand out coffee and candy to thru-hikers this spring/summer?
(Can we join you?)

Shall we keep recycling our mere toilet paper rolls? And what for?
(Kudos to the Mary, for being a little insane-amazing…)


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