Academic Learning, Love of Learning, or Both

In which Carrie metacognizes learning surprises and vows to put love of learning as priority above grades…

I am considering the idea try not to let school get in the way of your learning.  I don’t know if it was Mark Twain or one of my very own teachers who instilled this notion in my brain, or if I realized it through a subconscious voice breaking the surface of my mind as I begin to study for an actual exam today.  I find that sometimes I forget to be interested in the material when there is a timeline and set structure to my learning already in place.  But as I read the chapter I discover myself wanting to learn – in this case linguistics and teaching content – while reawakening to a love of language (wordnerdism).  Like John Green explains about himself in the video below, I wasn’t a strong student in my earlier years.

There is a certain feeling which overwhelms when the learning process is happening, others might call it “flow” and really this technical term encompasses a great deal more than learning, I’ll suppose.  But when I am eager to crack a “textbook” open, and feel compelled to jot down vocabulary or hero-making bits of inspiration from the academic biophilic realm, I realize I am not resembling my 16 year old self at all, at least not the self I knew very often.  Occasionally there were times though, in my my youth, when I was behaviorally like this: excited to study, primed to exercise cognitive  linguistic, and academic processes.   Because I have experienced this myself helps me understand other learners, and hopefully empathize with them when the material seems plastic and forced, or real and enforcing of what they already know, love, and aspire to be.


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