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Ghost Vision

In which Carrie was startled and nostalgic …


Ghost Vision

The light

Or the memory of light

Or her brain reaching

Outward toward

The light

Entered a subjective field of vision

Populated with



Players of Poker

Time and spatial curves

Even things of light and joy:

flowers, children, summits of mountains, books

Which once made the seeing

blind eye

Grasp at the infinite


The Universe holds no color.




In which Carrie writes a poem …

Horse photo Sisters



When the rider is green

and keeps falling of

the old cowhands say:

She’s got too much horse.

But she always learned

To get right back up.


White Cat

In which Carrie and Ode each write a character poem ….

William is shaved

She should be called


(And, as a matter of course, it is the name my thirteen year old neighbor

gave her when she’d sneak out “Demon’s” leftovers, on occasion,

whenever the so-called cat was crying with great pathos about her lot in life.)


There was nothing Fluuuuffffy about her then.

Just grey and brown

On matted white clumps

Like over-trammeled snow

In a supermarket

Parking lot.


So I took her.

And shaved her.

And de-wormed her.

And loved her.


She gave us both fleas.

(But don’t mention this mortifying fact,to her,

to any cat.)


She looks up at me

With ancient tired eyes

(invoking pathos)

Like she did when

(I swear)


She told me her name

The first day:


Call me William.


-Carrie Anne Ebner 12/29/14


William the cat wears

sturdy German shoes


William is gruff with men

All men

Because of her past

Because of their past


William takes all women



William grieves women who

do not follow her lead


William directs her energies

toward those who respond


William is busy with

work of consequence


William drinks crap scotch

William is loved.

-Laura “Ode” Webb, 12/29/14


I Reckon

In which Carrie reflects on the matter ….


Explosion of earthly


I wonder why

I am born a reckoner

And would I be

without our

Milky Way.


Orion points me true

I see you in the

spattered galaxy.


From Sisters

I stop and think

Of ways I might

have been


Less beautifully.