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Exquisite Corpse

In which Carrie, Steven and Kariessa play a game of Exquisite Corpse … 


Seed: It was a dark and stormy night at

















It was a dark and stormy night at

the circus and the clowns were restless. It had

neva occurred to Smithey that for once

he had gone a whole month without drinking water.

But that wasn’t important now, because the

water was there, in his four-tentacled hand.

He took a deep drink of the salty brine, savoring the

burn of it as it went down his esophagus. “Oh how

much better this would taste with a twinkie!”

So, he made a twinkie out of rotting wood and slime.

But somehow it lacked that je nais sai qua, like

the way dust motes dulled vision in wind.

He sighed and realized that he was forever

restless, forever a clown, and it would always be dark and raining.
















Bella’s Addiction, Edward’s Reform

It was a dark and stormy night at

the end of a pencil when Bella snorted when

she was taking drugs. Then, Edward came

and pointed out that sugar wasn’t really a drug.

She looked up at him with dulled visage

as he hadn’t fed in weeks. His eyes gleamed

in a satisfied, easygoing sort of way, as he contemplated

the slimy snot running down her lips and

the gaping rents in his face, from which pus

had dripped. “You look good tonight,” he said with

Victorian charm. “Your earlobes look pale

and your scent…” He lunged forwards, crosses bared

and then changed his mind. There was a better way-which

involved vegetarians, and their little dogs, too.



























Conquest of the Eyeballs: A History of Their Victories and Pulsating Ways

It was a dark and stormy night

at the haunted restaurant. Eyeballs floated

nervously, unsure of themselves, but confident

of their ultimate design. Dawkins appeared

and the zombers wondered who he was. Then,

he pointed out how clever he really was, so much more than

the evil scientist so many had thought

was going to be the first to make ants dance.

But the eyeballs had a new though, that perhaps

they could evolve, or devolve from high rank.

So, their floating changed. Each started to pulsate

and stared intently, daring Dawkins and the zombers

to do what they might, but knowing how

they would eventually pulsate their way into victory!


Seed: She was a bad cat, really, if you

How Kitty’s Heart Turned to Ice: A Cautionary Tail

She was a bad cat, really, if you

weren’t paying close attention. “Once,” I said,

“She walked all the way across the field, carrying a

mountain on her back (dwarves included).

And the next day, she lounged around all day,

weary and sore, but tender in her affections.” Then,

everyone realized that the last sentence didn’t

follow from the first. But a cat has its tail

tucked underneath, and like the every flexible feline

she could produce round droplets of slime from her

ears or her… But wait! She has some

other things she cared about besides slime and genes.

She also loved to eat slime, which was totally

divine to cat kind, the Opiate of Meow.

So she became content. No more mountains, no

more affections. Her heart became cold and desolate forever.

Bad Cat I

She was a bad cat, really, if you

looked at it from the bird’s point of view. But

who cared about the bird, anyway? He was just

“endangered.” All those hippies need to come to

realize that there was an easy solution. Penguins

just needed to be genetically modified so that

they stopped the tux act and blend in.

And the cat knew that – knew that in a way that

made the world make sense. So, her evil plot

started edging up the plot pyramid, vying

for Evil Plot Victory. The first step was to get rid of

the lesser plots. She did this by suffocating them with

furball clots. The penguins paled. They

knew they had just one chance. They had to get

the Dark Lord Voldemort to help them. So they did. The

Dark Lord gave free tux rentals & she was finished.

Bad Cat 2

She was a bad cat, really, if you

thought about how she had drunk dog vomit and

then vomited that up, and drank that, too.

But that wasn’t the worst thing. Not at all – for

she also loved to roll around in her scat, and

then cat skat at the local club where all

the kool cats sat, chewing the fat on the mat eating

their own flesh. After all, they could make

more! The gene-squencing cats at Washington

had found a way to power cats with nuclear energy,

turning them into warheads. Technically, it was the plutonium,

but, when used effectively, those suckers

really roll round ranking, rhyming, running, and

eating each other. What no one knew was that

Edward and Bella never kissed or ate

cats, after all. So she was finally able to sleep, purring contentedly to herself.


Anza – Borrego Galleta Meadows Metal Sculptures

In which you learn about giant art in the desert …

borrego springs 2012 097

Guest post by Marilyn Ebner, who lives in the high desert of Sisters, Oregon. The past 4 winters in order to escape the cold and snow of Sisters, she and husband, Denny escape to Borrego Springs, California to hike in the real desert of Borrego Springs State Park.

Imagine your first trip to Borrego Springs, which is set out in the wide open desert of 600,000 Anza-Borrego State Park acres. You find yourself driving on Borrego Springs Rd, which runs both north and south of the town itself. You suddenly look off in the distance scanning both sides of the road and you see large, rusted life-size and larger figures of camels, saber-tooth tigers, wild horses, turtles, serpents, giant sloths, mammoths, giant birds, and dinosaurs. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there really are strange figures stuck out in the middle of ocotillo, barrel, and cholla cactus. The cactus is normal to the desert in east San Diego County. However, the rusted figures before your eyes obviously are neither natural, normal and are definitely, man-made.

borrego springs march 2010 085

So, as most people do when encountering these creatures for the first time, you’ll stop, pull off the road into the dirt, get out of your car, grab your camera and take a photo or two or three of whatever sculptures grabbed your eyesight and subsequent interest. Except for one sign “Galleta Meadows Open to the Public,” there seems to be no explanation for these sculptures that seem to miraculously pop up out of the desert floor. So how did they get there?


The sculptures were created and built by Sculptor/ Artist Ricardo Breceda, out of scrap reinforcement bars, wire and metal. They were commissioned by the owner/developer of Galleta Meadows Estates, Dennis Avery, who created his vision of this unique sculpture garden in the unlikely place of the desert surrounding Borrego Springs.

borrego springs march 2010 083

On any given day, as you drive Borrego Springs Rd., you’ll see bus loads of people and cars doing just what you did when you happened onto the sculptures for the first time. In the past four years, Denny and I certainly have enjoyed taking family and friends to see them and see their varied reactions to the sculptures. We’ve taken many photos of us and others posing in front of them. One of our favorites, is the large serpent that seems to crawl from one open field, under Digorgio Road, then into the field on the other side. Another personal favorite is the scorpion. Both have made an appearance in our annual family calendars.

borrego springs 2012 101

Spine Haiku

In which Carrie fashions a haiku from book spines…



A void, the fault in our stars

Great house, earth in mind

Found poetry idea from When Tech met Ed…